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Mimic is a clever, yet simple stacking chair design that delivers comfort and relaxation.

Its plastic flex back contours to the body’s movement, providing good back support for relaxed comfort. The sleek seat which curves down at the front, alleviates pressure and stress on legs and back, for added relief.

With the ability to stack 25 high on its companion dolly, transport and storing are easy. Mimic is available in nine colors in rich, vibrant hues and elegant neutrals. The steel frame is offered in chrome or two powder coat colors, with or without glides, as well as ganging and tablet arm options.

Mimic stacks 6 high on the floor. 

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Mimic Stacking Chair


These finishes are available for the Mimic family. For complete details on which finishes are applicable to individual models, please consult the Mimic family pricelist pdf, or the pricelist website.

Minimum 125 unit order for non-standard shell colors.


  • Standard Shell ColoursShow all(8)print
    • Spring02
    • Sky04
    • Steel Blue12
    • Titanium13
    • Warm Grey14
    • Black15
    • White16
    • Wet Sand17
  • Non-Standard Shell Colours (minimum 125)Show all(15)print
    • Sun01
    • Grass03
    • Crocus05
    • Dusk06
    • Pearl08
    • Silver09
    • Pale Green10
    • Teal11
    • Yellow18
    • Orange19
    • Espresso20
    • Turquoise21
    • Magenta22
    • Moss24
    • Red25
  • Tablet ColoursShow all(8)print
    • White SandLWN
    • Graphite NebulaLGN
    • North SeaLNA
    • Tungsten EVLTE
    • White NebulaLWL
    • Cloud NebulaLCN
    • Canyon ZephyrLCA
    • Misted ZephyrLMR
  • Leg/Frame Finishprint
    • Chrome
    • NickelPC00
    • OnyxPC01

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