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PRESS RELEASE: n, 1. A communique issued to members of the press by corporations for the purpose of disseminating information. 2. Happy Hour at the local tap house.


Designer Dictionary Toss Pillows

Wednesday, October 10, 2017 (Toronto) – Keilhauer’s celebrated Designer Dictionary is back, and this time, the collection of satirical commentary and custom illustrations are not afraid to throw down – down pillows that is.

As commercial design is influenced by residential, and offices begin to look and feel more like home, the power of the throw pillow has come to light. This simple accessory is able to transform office lounge areas into an inviting respite. In many ways, throw pillows have become the most powerful and trendy accessories of the day. Keilhauer’s new throw pillow collection is a unique way to harness the cushions transformative power, while incorporating a quirky, one-of-a-kind twist.

“At the heart and soul of any industry is the secret language that is used to teach, communicate and exchange ideas,” explains Jackie Maze, Sales and Marketing Vice President, Keilhauer. “This jargon resonates with industry insiders and while it may evolve over time –the base remains the same. The Designer Dictionary pillow series takes some of these timeless phrases and adds an element of playfulness that is sure to bring a smile to any designer’s face.”

Designer Dictionary Toss PillowsTwo sizes of linen cushions will be available, in a choice of three neutral colors: white, off-white and flax. The custom illustrations are printed on the front and the tongue-in-cheek definitions are screen-printed on a silk ribbon that is cornered on the back.

“By tossing in a throw pillow to a contract seating piece, you add softness and joy to a space. Our pillows also add resilience - they’re made to the same high standards and environmental certifications as all of our products,” says Maze.

The selected definitions include:

  • Architect n, 1. a heroic individual concerned with building significant cultural contributions. 2. a round-bespectacled individual who played with blocks once too often as a child (and as an adult will often tote around a roll of yellow trace as a security blanket).
  • Collaboration vt, 1. two or more designers working together on a specific project. 2. to work with a designer who has multiple personalities. 3. a group of employees gathered together on Friday night with beers.
  • Black n, 1. a designer’s favorite color - just ahead of onyx, ebony, coal and matte black. 2. what the really good - bad guys wear. 3. the color of the computer screen at the end of the day.
  • Client n, 1. the foundation from which all life flows. 2. the most benevolent, wonderful, intelligent, and confused. 3. person with the quarters for coin-box of the “magical finger” vibrating bed of design.
  • Designer n, 1. an artist who draws conclusion. 2. a problem solver or a problem creator, depending on who you talk to.

Designer Dictionary Toss Pillow on a Luno High Back Chair


  • Sizes available:
  • 20”x20” square pillow
  • 22”x12” bolster
  • Upholstery: Linen
  • Colors: white, off-white, flax
  • Down and feather filling

Keilhauer also has an additional assortment of throw cushions in various sizes that can be done in any Keilhauer textile and Customers’ Own Textile.


Founded in 1981, Keilhauer is a privately owned, design focused contract furniture manufacturer. Keilhauer manufactures seating and tables for all the areas of the organization where there is an exchange of ideas. Keilhauer products are thoughtfully made to support communication and engagement in “Heads Up” spaces, such as meeting rooms, collaboration areas, lobbies and lunchrooms. Working with world-renowned furniture designers, Keilhauer is internationally recognized for award-winning design, built with extreme craftsmanship, to the highest environmental standards. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, please visit Keilhauer.com.


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