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Planet Keilhauer

We believe that good business and long term success is measured by the Triple Bottom Line. This means we harmoniously look after our people, our environment and our economic success.

To make sure this belief would be woven into our company consciousness, we introduced a comprehensive Sustainability Program called Planet Keilhauer. This program is a priority for all of our employees because we all share this planet and we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to look after it.

We, at Keilhauer, are committed to doing our part.

Our Big-Time Corporate Goal (-)

Planet Keilhauer is driven by our Big-Time Corporate Goal of Closed Loop Manufacturing. This is an environmentally friendly manufacturing approach where there is no waste thereby dramatically reducing our environmental impact.

We’ll know we have a closed loop system when:

  • We use benign materials that have no impact on the environment or people throughout their lifecycle.
  • We use 100% recycled content or rapidly renewable material in our products
  • At the end of useful life our products can be disassembled and reused, recycled, or can biodegrade
  • We create 0 waste.
  • We use 0 water in our processes.
Our Sustainability Policy (-)

Our Sustainability Policy ensures that we stay on the right track. It guides our decisions and empowers our people to be a part of the solution.

Our Sustainability Policy commits to:

  • Conducting business honestly and ethically.
  • Complying with laws, rules, regulations and industry standards.
  • Continually improving environmental performance and preventing pollution by:
    • Including the environment and lifecycle thinking in business policies, planning, processes, and product design.
    • Measuring and managing natural and energy resource use.
    • Assessing waste streams and working to eliminate them.
    • Prioritizing Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Empowering employees to lead change.
  • Communicating this policy to all employees, contractors and stakeholders.
Design for Environment Program (-)

We proactively design our products to be as sustainable as possible through our Design for Environment Program (DfE) which ensures that the decisions we make from the onset of any project fall in line with the commitments of Planet Keilhauer.

This program evaluates a product early in its development and targets a broad range of environmental design criteria. This includes lifecycle thinking, material specification and sourcing so that we create exceptionally well designed products with long, useful lives.

Members of the DfE team include managers from Manufacturing, Engineering, Operations and Sustainability and even our President!

Resource Use (-)

Keilhauer knows what it takes to make a product. We know it takes resources like energy, water, people power and more and we respect that.

To target resource efficiency, we measure, track and audit our operations. Using the data generated, we can evaluate our processes and create programs to improve and shift our capital investments to align with our goals.

Water Conservation:
Access to clean, potable water is an increasing global concern. In our manufacturing facility we are nearing zero water use as water is only needed to steam finished seats.

Renewable Energy
Keilhauer off-sets 100% of its annual electricity use by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits from facilities that are certified by Environment Canada’s EcoLogo program.

We are a Zero Waste to Landfill Facility
Our award winning, comprehensive waste program goes well beyond standard diversion practices. In addition, we ensure that the garbage that we can’t reduce, reuse or recycle still retains value through conversion to energy.

Keilhauer Culture (-)

Our people are everything to us. As a family owned business, Keilhauer values each and every member of our staff as family too. Through on-going training and education, diverse and equitable hiring, industry leading benefits programs we value the people who have helped build our company to what it has become today.

Our community is also a crucial part to our overall success and because of this we like to give back. We enjoy donating our time, energy, resources to come together and create lasting change!

© 2018 Keilhauer LTD. All Rights Reserved
© 2019 Keilhauer LTD. All Rights Reserved